Roundabout Proposal

A roundabout is proposed for the corner of Peppertree and Ferodale roads to cope with the expected traffic from Bilo and the new Woolworths complex.
What do you think? could it be designed better? will it cope with growth?

Please note this roundabout is going to reduce Ferodale Road to one lane. Currently there is a turning bay into Peppertree Road.  In addition, there will be no right hand turn into the shops where the newsagent is, but rather down near the vet.  There will be no right hand turn out of the Community Centre.

So please voice your opinions here as to whether you think this specific plan will help congestion or add to it? Then use your voice to suggest what you think would be a good solution, if you don’t like the current plan. We are not voicing our opinion here, just trying to highlight the facts to you so you can make an informed choice.


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Proposed roundabout for Peppertree and Ferodale roads, good plan or not?

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  1. Interesting to note that there is only one lane each way on Ferodale Road, which leads for opportunity for traffic congestion as cars are waiting to turn into Peppertree from either direction.

    What are your thoughts on this ? should this plan be redone to include two lanes of traffic ?

  2. Jolene Smith says

    I find it’s not getting into Peppertree that’s the problem… it’s getting out when you need to turn right. Let’s face it I know there is not a great deal of traffic in Medowie at the moment, but Medowie is a growing area and with Woolworths going in it’s only going to get worse. Even now I find myself turning left and chucking a U turn on the roundabout at Medowie road just to save sitting at Peppertree and waiting. I am happy with Just a roundabout (No traffic lights for Medowie please)

  3. A family member referred me to your site. Thank you for the details.

  4. Keep working, nice post! This was the information I had to know.

  5. No we do not need a roundabout. If people actually accelerated when they turn and merge into traffic properly there would be no problems at all, the problem lies in the people whom are scared and incompetent when they are driving. Even sitting behind someone who waits for a 30 second gap at peak times(When the raaf workers get off?) there is never much delay.

  6. I don’t think we need a roundabout because I can’t really see that much more traffic coming through to go to Woolies than that which we have going to Coles… same number of people shopping for groceries in the area. If they really wanted to increase numbers of shoppers they would have made the sensible choice and put in a department store to save us the drive to Big W in Raymo or into town…. I find it ridiculous that they’re just putting in another grocery store!

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