Medowie Woolworths to include a liquor outlet

Woolworths plan to include a liquor outlet in the new shopping center development.

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  1. ChuckG says

    Great idea. Don’t mind a beer or cider. Some compettition for BYO and the Bull’n’Bush would be good for us consumers. I don’t believe it will exacerbate the current status despite what was written in the Examiner a couple of months back. The dumb reporter stated that it would increase the number of drunks in Raymond Terrace. How so?

    • I agree 100%. Some of us like a drink every now and then and we should be able to pay a reasonable price for it. Not everyone in Medowie has a drinking problem and I dont think that many people from R/T will come to medowie to buy alcohol, C’mon, be realistic.

  2. Richard Verheijen says

    With only the Bull and Bush, and the bottle shop owned by them we need some competition. I say go Woolworths, when we eventually get a Woolworths I hope a liquor shop is included as we now go to the Terrace to buy it from a discount outlet..

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