Medowie Woolworths Development Delayed

As reported in the Port Stephens Examiner  06 Nov 2012 progress on the Woolworths development site on the corner of  Peppertree and Ferodale roads has come to a grinding halt.

Unfortunately it seems the development company Buildev and Woolworths themselves are keeping “mum” on their plans to progress the development and haven’t, as yet, updated the Medowie community on a completion date or the reasons behind the delay.

As this effects the community we (Medowie Hub) feel it is an issue that the community should be kept informed about. The current state of the site is an eyesore with fencing becoming increasingly damaged and the site potentially becoming a personal danger to the general public.

We urge the community to “have your say” on this matter and hopefully this will encourage Buildev and Woolworths to keep us all in the loop as this is a Medowie community issue.


*Update as of 14th of February 2013, article written in the Newcastle Herald Sun.

Although there is STILL no firm completion date it seems the Medowie Woolworths development will be going a head with proposed work to resume over the next month or so. We will be keeping a close eye on the progress.

Would you like answers on the progress of the Medowie Woolworths complex?

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  1. Richard Verheijen says

    Crime wave hits our Medowie area.
    Ever since the June long weekend, there has been a lot of crime in our area.
    In Kindlebark Drive numerous letterbox ex were damaged, or destroyed. Cars broken into, our house was entered into whilst asleep and handbag, work bag, were stolen which were then taken behind bushes next door. they took what they wanted including a substantional amount of money, and then they stole our car which was found burnt out behind Coles the next morning. Since then we have installed CCTV cameras that record 24/7 we found them on eBay for only $252.00 worth every cent. Last night cars were burnt and Coles were robbed once again. Police told us things should have improved as they got the last lot. Obviously there is a new lot going around.
    Is it time to start a neighborhood watch group..? Feel free to contact me if anyone is interested.
    I have lived locally for over 10 years, I work locally, and don’t want to move because of these low life crims.

    • Richard that’s just shocking! I’m going to post your comment on Facebook and see if there is anyone else interested in starting a Neighborhood watch group.

      I can’t believe we have to resort to CCTV in Medowie, what’s going on?? where are the police?

  2. Richard says

    Has anyone found out what is happening to Woolworths as it again has come to a stop.

  3. Regarding Woolies development, I’ve been trying to get information for months now, everyone (including Woolworths) is keeping hush about the whole project which is very frustrating. I think we deserve answers, it’s been years now! As soon as I hear anything I’ll post it here.

  4. Buster says

    Buildev’s a Nathan Tinkler company … nobody’s probably been paid. I’d say ‘that’s’ where you should make enquiries. Who owns the land?

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