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logoAffectionately known around town as “the candle lady“, Denise has built up quiet a reputation for creating irresistible fragrances and quality non toxic SOY WAX candles and melts. Fill your home with delightful aromas of frangipani, champagne & strawberries, raspberry dream, coconut and vanilla just to name a few . Denise’s Candle Delights are Very affordable and her range include Soy wax candles, Oil Burners, Bath Salts, Incense cones, Incense Holders, Dream Catchers bath bombs and more.
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Denise's Candels

Denise also creates beautiful gift packs for valentines day, birthdays, anniversaries and all occasions

Denise’s Candle Delights is a Locally owned and operated business support your locals.


About Denise’s Soy Wax Candles:
Few people realise that most shop bought candles are made with paraffin wax, which is made from the leftover residue of the petroleum refining industry & that burning paraffin wax candles can be very nasty for you & your home. They can let off carcinogens & petrol-carbon soot into the air you breathe, which can also blacken walls & ceilings.

Candles made with soy wax offer a number of unique features:

SOY WAX is non-toxic;
SOY WAX is water soluble and hot soapy water will clear wax from any surface;
SOY WAX has a low melting point which gives you a long lasting candle and a room filling fragrance;
SOY WAX can even be used as a moisturiser. Just rub some of the melted wax into your skin. It feels just like body butter.

All of Denise’s Soy Candles and melts are made with 100% non toxic soy wax with no additives.

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