Bilo Re-brands!

If you’ve popped in to Bilo recently you may have noticed some changes, Medowie Bilo is re banding to Coles! so what does this mean for the shoppers?

Some of the changes I’ve noticed as a regular Bilo shopper is that the fruit and veg section has had a bit of a shuffle and is now sporting fresh looking “market” style baskets to display the fruits and vegetables. There seems to be a bit more variety too, I picked up some lovely Shitaki mushrooms recently and although the shelves where a little bare (perhaps due to the change over process?) I did get the feeling that there would be more updates particularly to the variety of products usually on offer.

Overall the changes have been subtle(apart from the big COLES sign) as Bilo was really just a country Coles but the change does give a sense of progression into the future… or perhaps I’m reading more into it than I should?
Official change over Monday the 14th of May.

So does this mean we might get a visit from Curtis Stone?



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