10 days old!!

Well we survived our first week, what a fabulous start too with more than 30 new members joining the HUB and 16 new directory listings in the Local Directory.

We also have some great deals and discounts in our Local Store , thanks to our opening advertising special. If you missed out don’t worry future listings will be as low as $10!!

If you have products or services that you would like to “swap” in return for advertising we would love to hear from you.

There are more great deals to come in our advertising and marketing campaign in the coming week, if you would like to be notified about our Advertising rates as soon as they are released please email us info@medowiehub.com.au

All profits made through our sponsourships will go towards the running of and improving and promoting Medowie Hub.


A couple of quick notes.

Notice Board
We are looking for enthusiastic chatter boxers to volunteer and help out in the forums.
If you have a topic or forum that you would like to moderate or you would like added to the notice board  please let us know we would love to hear from you. info@medowiehub.com.au

If you’ve listed your business in our directory and it’s not showing up yet chances are we haven’t received it!!

Make sure you add the first 3 letters of the word SPAM (spa)  just at the bottom where you upload your picture.

Also if you don’t have a website address please add your name  or business name in the web address box instead.

If you have listed successfully you should see the following message

Your link will appear in the directory after approval!

If you’ve been taken back to the sign up page your listing hasn’t worked.

If you have any problems please email us at info@medowiehub.com.au


Thank you to everyone who as joined and participated, it’s nice to see such community spirit.


From Ali and Tiff

From Our Sponsors


  1. joanne1 says

    Hi Ali & Tif,

    Just want to let you know the word is out about the Medowie Hub, had a client here today who was asking me about it. You both are doing a great job. I have also got onto some local business’s who are also going to join. I love it and I’m sure it will go along way. Jo xx

  2. Thanks Jo! that’s fantastic news, thanks for spreading the word Xxx

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